Monday, June 29, 2009


Almost the usual losing fare but not quite.

Played warm up *s - lose race for stacks like i do every week in that tourney, then cashed in the FPP turbo takedown for the grand total of 75$ !!!

Betfair usual 66K was just the 30k tonight as a WSOPE qualifyer and i was 10th of 10 with 9 paid when JJ held v A3 - however because I have not had a decent cash for a while i played like a bit of a softie to ensure got 9th at least for 1200$ (500 in). This is far from optimal and someone nicking my blind knew this. Eventually reraised an early position raiser all in when 7th of 8 but my 44 was in bad shape v 88 - for 2nd week in row Klup takes me out when in money - i got 1400$ and something for $900 profit which will cover the days entries and horse losers !!!

Only over game i am in is a qualifyer for APT Maccau that I came 3rd in last year when 2 seats guarenteed and was twice in for a seat when 80 20 and lost both !!!!

about 6th of 56 left with 3 seats gtd at the moment.

EDIT - Final Table of Macau thing 10 left 3 seats currently 5th

6th of 8 knackered and this is going on !!!

6th of 6 - need double up to go 3rd

BUBBLE TIME 4 left for 3 seats all got equalish stacks - GL ME !!!

330AM still going ...........

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