Monday, August 30, 2010


1) First and foremost my little girl seems OK now and hopefully was a 1 off event, seems in rude health now and tests have not found anything significant.

2) Spam button on blogs - much much needed to get rid of some of the quarter wits.

3) Online subscription to Sunday Times - hard to go and get a paper these days and basically get Times free everyday if pay price for Sunday Times - I think this was totally free till recently, however still huge value for money, especially if complemented by checking out NOTW for the latest exploits of Brook etc :)

4) Well done Brenos on winning RTR seat.

5) Newcastle United 6 Villa 0 and an awesome Carroll hat trick.

6) C4 Friday nights is awesome - I like a few of the comedies that have been slated by the press.

and a few not so good but no worries !!!

1) When i get a few hands of poker I log on and blow a buy in asap !!!! (PLO awful still winning NLHE but net decent size losing month).

2) Have to go on business travel next week.

3) In the only multi I have played in last 6 weeks I busted just before cash with QQ v 1010 for a double av stack.

4) My horse(s) I have small shares in are running terrible at the moment - Fol Hollow, Teela especially.

5) Bens blog - change the record mate ;) :D

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