Monday, July 18, 2011


Found the mojo again and have been doing well at a range of PLO (600 1000 and a very quick crack at 2000).

Basically completely reversed the below position to turn the - numbers into positives. I won't be playing this week bar tonight.

I also had 2 decent winning sports bets but had a good chunk Mickleson at 45-1 which would have changed it into a wonder month but pleased for Darren Clarke.

I also realised the other day that I only every play NL when PLO is not available and feel I have really developed my PLO game to bve comfortable with deep stacks for the first time (I used to run if had trebled stack and similar size stacks at table).

Can't complain about much at the moment - just need a Vegas pass for Bens wedding to complete a nice turnaround !!!

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L4Y SP said...

phew......thk goodness 4 that , wp.