Sunday, September 04, 2011


Cocked up last night :(

I think my stongest game in the past has been sats into multi events and in my time I have won / qualifed in quite a few high profile ones sometimes from very small buy ins (WSOPE for 80$, EPT for nothing via FPP points, WSOP for nothing etc).

Hence I noted the WCOOP as starting soon and thought would aim to qualify for the top buy in events as I get very little time to play multis these days and if needed to get time in with the Mrs to play one I thought I might as well make it worth my while.

Hence i entered a 200$ (25 seats gtd) to get in the $5300 main event and a 33$ turbo rebuy for the 10k$ high roller event. I was chip leader in the 10k$ high roller event with 50 left (2 seats) but finsihed about 16th and was never really in it after i ran AQ into KK.

However, in the 200$ event i have been kicking myself all day. I basically was in last 50 with 29 seats up for grabs with an average stack sitting in about 22nd. I am usually good at holding on in this kind of situation and would usually manage to get a seat from there. However with 35 left I made what now looks like a stupid move. I was playing about 43K with blinds 1.5K 3K and was folded to button who min raised to 6K and I had KQ suited in small blind. Basically I shoved and he called for 2/3rds of his stack with 99 and he held (despite decent looking JJ10 flop) and I was out. My logic for shoving was that there were a lot of big stacks on table and I wanted to show my blinds were not just easy cash.

However, today I realise I played this stupid - I should have just let him have it and analysed further whether I needed to make a stand or not - it could have been I could have sit tight and picked up $5200 seat with no risk so well pissed off with myself. I also think his play is awful as he is basically going from guarenteed seat to hoping to get a flip at best and really risk getting his seat - in the end I think a hand I have probably over analsysed but think both of us played this horrid.

Anyway - why all this ......?

2 lessons from this and 1 other point.

1) Always adjust in sats to what you would do in normal multi (I don't mind my play at all in normal multi). (ME)
2) Don't get involved in races / ego type things when already have a seat (HIM)


I lost a flip for a $5200 seat whinge post is probably what this is all about !!! - Did win a buy in on side at 5 10$ PLO which made it hurt a bit less.

Sports betting - another big bet lost today - I am chuffing useless at it !!!

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