Sunday, July 15, 2012



Just won a 20 rebuy turbo sat to EPT Barca worth 5300EUR plus 700EUR spends.

Basically 2nd -4th paid 1000EUR and with 7 left there was a 3 way all in which I won with best hand and then did a nervous call on bubble with best hand that held to get through the bubble. I had already had a good beat when all in with 10 7 versus K 7 and spiked a 10 and lots of abuse :)

Anyway got heads up versus abuser and got a chip lead and then when he shoved over my raise I was pretty happy to stick them in with 1010 versus his KK which left me crippled at 350K chips versus his 2.2 million but then he inexpicity folded a few hands on SB or versus my shoves.

Then we got them all in and my A8 was dominated versus his A10 but i sucked out again - I then got it in with best hand and held.

It is in August in the week I already had booked off work so has worked a treat except have to miss annual trip to York races. Although last time I went to an EPT I lasted less than 45 mins when I got 2nd set v top set!!!

Anyway - shares for sale if anyone wants a small interest (rake free)

50EUR for 1% at spot rates or any value above - put comment here and then send $ on stars if interested.

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