Monday, December 03, 2012


Had a pretty decent run last night in the Sunday Million on stars where I finsihed 71st of 7500 runners for 2k$.

I played really well last night but had been fortunate once before this to still be in. However, the killer hand was with 80 left and I was sitting in 30th - I think blinds where 10K 20K and someone open shoved for about 400K and I knew this meant they did not know how to play hand and did not expect them to be strong. I had AK so knew could be against a mid pair but was absolutely delighted to see KJ for about a million pot and for me to go top 5 at this stage (5th in tourney gets $59000, winner $215000 and a few more examples 10th 8k$ 18th 4k$) - cards come off Q98103 to give him a monster suckout and his comment "Vamos".

About an hour later I shoved over the top with a small pair and was called with 88 (v my 44) - I was looking in poor shape till 235 flop but then missed turn and river.

Annoyed and tired.

Over and out.

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