Monday, November 13, 2006


I think after twisting on my blog about recent badbeats that I take you through a couple of hands I was mega lucky at last night.

I bought into $2.5 $5 NL on betfair for $200 - NL cash is by no means my best game and one I am working on to improve.

Anyway soon in the game I have half my stack in with A Q and a Q 10 8 board - next comes an ace for 2 pair I get reraised all in and call - it doesn't show the hands on betfair but the other guy says he has J 9 for a straight but river comes Q and I have a full house and win a 500$ pot where I could easily have been gone.

Shortly later I get 200$ in pre flop with AA v KQ ( all in ) and this holds up for another big win.

Next lucky hand sees me win a 450$ pot with A J on a J 10 2 board and then get reraised all in from a smaller stack on a turn of 9 - I called here which I think is a bad call despite me winning the pot. He had 9 10 ( 2 pair ) but easily could have had a made straight and I would have been drawing dead ( cant win pot no matter what cards come out ) - anyway river rescued me again bringing an ace and my 2nd big piece of luck on the night.

Shortly later I won a $500 pot with trip queens and then left the table for bed with $1400 and $1200 profit for 90 mins work.


The important thing is to look back on the session - I won 1200$ i must be great etc. Not at all - I won 2 big pots when behind and 1 of them I should have folded so despite the winnings I don't think I played well and have shown I struggle to put down top pair top kicker. I don't buy in for much so this is not a big issue for me early in the game and I'm happy to be all in with it - but I need to play better if I have established a decent stack. On the other side of the coin - I played great tournament poker over the he weekend and only just broke level due to the beats I posted.

Good luck at the tables.


Jackal23 said...

Always good to get a couple of good beats ;). Think the first one you cant put down in NL cash when you hit top two pair an have a chance to double up early got to go for it, if he has a straight hey just reload. you inspired me to start my own blog, really for my own amusement at this stage as find writing about certain things helps focus my game,

jokersi said...

can any one help me to become even better. every time i play i play good but i all ways go out to donkeys in wich i raise and they call me and they all ways hit on the river. and another thing iv started playing £20 buy in games in casinos. every time i play cash i play shit if some one calls me all in i fold because im to scared to loose all my chips and they usally bluffing me. and i usally play too safe and i keep thinking i dont wont to bet that much because i thinking i dont want to go out to early and thinking about the money too much. wot can i do to help me stop thinking about the money i could win and could loose