Sunday, November 05, 2006


I played 2 multis yesterday and made the cash in them both - one a 100+ game and one a 250 runner event with 10K added on the new betfair software which I did not find as bad as many have made out. However I didnt finish in the higher placings so a lot of effort for a little return.


My advice is not just to jump into the next one that is available and to look for some value.

Value can usually be found in 2 different ways.

1) GTD tournaments where the prize is guarentedd no matter how many turn up.

For example if a multi is 2000 gtd and a 20 entry then if there are less than 100 people entered you are getting something for free.

EG Say only 60 people enter then thats 1200 so the software company has to add an extra 800 (in effect as if 40 people have been knocked out without even playing).

Look out for these.

2) My preferred one is when tournies have money added to the prize fund.

Every 2 weeks in interpoker they have a 25k added and a 50k added for very small entry fees of 22$ and 33$ - the only entry requirement is that you have played enough poker to accomodate the points that are required to enter ( points are per raked hand).

If you playing somewhere else and not getting these type of promotions then sign up to interpoker via the raketherake link on the right of my blog - please ref my number if you do.

But these are huge value events - take tonights 50k added as an example where entry fee is 33$.

I estimate 600 players will enter and 600* 33 = 20k. Now they are adding 50k so total purse is 70k - this means your 33$ entry is effectively worth over 100 $ hence massive value.

So 2 things :-

1) if you not currently getting these tourneys then sign up via my link to raketherake and start playing in these huge value games. You don't have to be a big player its just linked to poker points.

2) next time you log on for a game don't just enter the next available multi.

I will be playing the 50k added later and will update you on how I do. Huge prizes available for little cash so fingers crossed.

PS i wont be backing Newcastle any more !!!


Jackal23 said...

Hi Mark, I struggle a bit in my own mind as to what is the best strategy in the early stages of a MT, Im never sure if to try and see a few cheap flops while blinds are low to try and pick up a big hand or just play rock solid tight until you get a hand you want to go with and double up. Or alternatively play tight agressive from the start and try to slowly build up. I find if i make it through to when blinds are high its more straight forward to play i.e. tight agressive, in position (blinds worth having etc) However its the early stages that I struggle to find the winning formula, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

Iam just starting out in the problematic world of poker - me and my school friends are trying to get some extra cash for the tuck shop.. what is the best site to use and should i start with mulit tables or single tables..
cheers Dave

Poker play the Soap way said...

Jackal23 interesting question - I will write a piece tomorrow on the main blog as to my thoughts about how to play a multi in the early stages.

An interesting insight from Kinghawho is available va the below link - Kinghawko recently won the 25k added :-

I think it translates to monsters or fold

Poker play the Soap way said...

Poker play the Soap way said...

Sorry link appears to be too big here is full article.

Early stages

Levels 1 to 5

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ these bore me too much – Christ I'd rather watch paint dry or talk to Ariston about his "Big Win" (Bolton's Gurning Champion 2006). It would be great if I were allowed to find some lackey to play these levels for me, to play I need antes and big blinds (the bigger the better, as my girlfriend Clare says(!)). If I’ve got 20 big blinds before the antes kick in then I’m happy, but now it’s do or die time (usually die). I can’t sit around and Ante-Lou into the money, I’m in it to win it! (2nd is for losers). (I suggest you ask somebody else for advice for playing these levels!)

Hawko Time

Levels 5 to Final Table

It's time to raise and re-raise, get that blindfold ready!!

Blind stealing:

My play in these levels is to accumulate chips without showing cards, it's time to raise with ATC (any two cards). Be careful where you raise from – raising from the cutoff or button is weak and it's normally a steal and players who do this are those we are going to attack later!!

If I'm going to raise I'm raising in mid/late position to 2.5 or 3 times the big blind (Crazy raises are good, e.g. 1775, 2775, 4275 etc. they seem to get through better!!). Keep it small so you can get away from a re-raise (Believe me it's not hard folding J2o!). Pay close attention to what's going on, steal from chatty players as they are too busy gassing rather than concentrating on the game. If you are called you never know you could hit GINNNNNNN with 73o, but if you do miss why don't you have a pop at the flop? I'd normally bet half the pot as the smaller the bet the stronger it looks. Also it's easier to fold to a re-raise, or if you do flop a set it might induce a bluff then and its happy days!!

The Re-steal

Now we are going to attack the serial cutoff & button raisers, be very careful and make sure they haven't raised more than 30% of there stack as they'd be pot committed. Normally when I'm re-stealing I'm re-raising 3x their raise with ATC but if they've put 30% in I'd probably just jam, according to Dubai this is a +EV move. If you are re-raised all-in it's time to work out if you’re priced in to call & if it's not going to dent my stack too much I tend to call. But remember after this your image isn't going to look too good calling a re-raise all-in with J5o etc. so it's best to rock up for a hand or two.

Squeeze Play

When there's a raise (preferably from late position), and a call in front of you, just jam (usually from the SB or BB). This forces the raiser to fold unless he has big hand, The caller is now forced to call a large bet when all he wanted to do was call the raise to see a flop. It's effective when you have a monster stack to bully out your opponents.

That's just a few of the plays I like to make during MTTs, I hope you’ll have as much fun as me after reading this article. My tactics certainly worked when winning the 25K added on Sunday 15th October, so take my advice and you could also win by playing Hawko style!!

Good luck & see you at the tables and I hope to see you all in Singapore.