Sunday, November 11, 2007


Got stuck in Amsterdam on Thursday so only got back in end on Fri.

So first day gambling was yesterday - poker was break even but I did qualify for the 40k on Crapto tonight and will play Mansion 150k also. However noon till 2 were very interesting and really tasted the ups and downs of betting.


I had read some reports that Omnicat which was a Godolphin Horse Debutant was very useful. This was out of Storm Cat and as such was very quirky during the race. However in the end the jockey got it straightened up and was 3 lengths clear with 50 yards left. I had £50 at 6-1 however 20 yards from line the horse swerved away from the whip ad unshipped the jockey hence finished unplaced.


It was the Sunderland v Newcastle yesterday which ended 1 all but Toon played shit and were lucky to get that. Milner goal minutes were trading at 6 and I thought there was a small chance Sam would play 3 up front so I bought for £15. Anyway Milner put a cross in on 65 mins that bypassed everyone including the keeper and landed me 65-6 * 15 which was £885 profit.

I didnt player poker on the night time but went to the theatre with the wife. We went to see a play by Brendan o Carroll who is without doubt one of the funniest men ever. The play was called the course but he also tours with his Mrs Brown trilogy which is a must see if it comes to a theatre near you. The 4th Mrs Brown tour starts in Jan.

Good luck me in the Sunday tournies later and 15 days until St Kitts :)

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