Sunday, February 24, 2008


Fortuntely did not cost too much but sick as out.

Virgin Aspers festival qualifyer lose race 21 left and 11 seats.

Qualify for virgin 100kEUR 900 runners or so - I am 100 of 200 left 50 paid. Anyway 3 limpers 100 200 flop 982 rainbow - bet pot and get one caller - turn is a 2 and i bet 1.3* pot all in and get called - at this point Im hoping my J and T are live also having 14 outs - I am absolutely delighted when i see some muppet has called and more than pot bet with 10 7 for an up and down straight draw. I cant believe he makes this call - river is of course the 6 the only card that can get me beat - sick as out (Awful awful call then terrible beat :((((( )

Lost on Laddies also an 80 20 midway in.

Thank you and goodnight :(

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