Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok decided to play the 9 seater qualifter to the Poland event as 1 seat but 6 other cash prizes.

Huge danger for me is if I was lucky enough to win then will massively struggling to get time off will just need to cross fingers - I will still go for win if get heads up and hope can change or convince boss to give me time off.

9 players

1st seat for Poland EPT + Hotel + 1000$
2nd and 3rd 1750$
4th and 5th 1000$
6th and 7th 525$
8th and 9th 0

1st target dont be 8th or 9th. - Acheived 7 runners left.

just had pot 100 200 blinds possy 2 raised to 500 by some1 and called - Im playng 3k see KK jam and get called by 1010 and holds. 7 left I am chip leader.

Now 6 left and 2 of us have 2k more than others. Other chippie mega aggressive and won a big post with marginal 77 holding. Aim is to move up 1 slot then pick him off. 6 left i just reraise all in with marginal holding v raise from smaller stack with fold equity which works as he passes - marginal chip leader again.

Ok down to 5 now gtd 1000$ - not interested in moving up 750$ need to go for win now and if move up 750$ then so be it. Currently 2nd but all closely grouped blinds 150 300 av stack 5k.

5 left 1 is short - the mega aggressive player just got lucky and won huge pot to go to 12k im 2nd on 5.8k. Now 4 left chip leader gut over 15k he will be hard to beat from here. Hes pushing a lot hand needed !!!

Shite - he pushed again - I had 1010 and pretty sure this was good so call - I have 1010 v J 8 and he spikes 8 Im gone in 4th :( for 1000$

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