Monday, September 29, 2008


Table was not the advertised one.

first hand I picked up Ace Ten on the button and raised to 2K (off my 19K stack) and Andy Bloch asks how much I have left and puts in 20K. I eventually fold although to be honest I now wish I had called - I reckon his bet size does not want a call so probably mid pair.

Then just more frustration - when i raise with shat i get called and when i had a hand (tended to be already raised pot) i could not get a call - maybe I was giving some tells off as dont play live much.

Anyway down to 12k i pick up 77 and there is a raise ahead - I jam for 12k insta called by AA and once JJJ comes I dont even have 2 outs anymore. Decent experience I suppose but ultimately frustrating as hell.

Variance still going well so will hang around and watch him for a while and may be tempted to go to the Vic tomorrow night for the £300 Sat for the EPT london event which starts the day after.

Thanks to all who wished me well.


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