Thursday, September 11, 2008


Frustarting time at the minute - can hardly get a game of poker and then when I do I am too knackered to play a proper multi or to focus on cash.

Travelling loads with work so hardly getting time for a game - I think I need to make the Fri / Sat night drunken nights pay but need to go out on 1 of them.

Next week is even worse - London Sun Reading Mon Brussels Tue Frankfurt Wed Thu back to Newcastle that evening and will be knacked again.

Need to get some live practice in at some point also. I need a minimal hours month winning a few big cash sessions and a multi :)

Less play more pay would be nice lol

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Anonymous said...

Jeez you get around don't you? I always wanted a job where I would be somewhere different everyday just so I didn't get bored but my mates who have jobs like that hate it!

Could you fire me an email to as I'd like to ask you something away from the prying eyes of the blogosphere!