Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh my :(

Worst nights cash session of the year, to be fair had been running well and was probably due bit ran absolutely sick at NL1000 and PL1000 tonight losing over 3500$ in a 2 hr session.

2 biggest pots were AA v KK all in on 933 flop and he spikes K for 2.2k$
Then all in at PLO with AAxx v 2345 1 suited who gets there with trips and flush.

Had been close to waithdrawing some cash to get somthing nice - oh well !!!

As I say was probably due as had been well above EV lately and hopefully not the start of another 6 months of pain !!!!

I still aint made it to 20000 cash hands for year on *s (I only 2 table) and I did over this is Dec alone, however volume aint ever been my model and been playing a lot more multis again. Should get there in March and will post stats ytd. For now I have included todays depressing graph* !!!

*cant load graph dont know how to do it and its pissing me off - laters

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