Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have seen there is a 750EUR PLO event at the Irish Open, obviously I am bad value on this so not looking for any staking. As you know I had sold half myself in main event and then qualified via sat so got 1000$ expenses so thinking of using this to buy in to PLO if I am out of the main event, however never played PLO live so really nervous about what you do in terms of 4 cards - do you keep looking on flop etc or need to remember all 4 and suits !!!! - whats the tells!!???

Anyway in prep for this I played 3 tables mega low stakes PLO on FTP Rush poker :D and the 30$ profit is my favourite 30 mins poker session this year, Rush poker rocks but 3 tables PLO is even better :D

Anyway now watching match and playing 1 table PLO to try and win a few quid.

Had problem with ears recently, buzzing / blocked all the time and eventually got to docs today, hoping it gos away as driving me up wall and we go to Portugal on Sunday for 1 weeks cheap jolly, hoping I can find bars with Cheltenham festival on!!!

Rest of this week equals poker tomorrow, pram shopping followed by Shutter Island Friday, hopefully Boro away Saturday if my mate can get me a ticket and then fly to Portugal for jollies Sunday.


Amatay said...

I'm off to Star Casino tomo, u said it was gd didnt ya fish?

Brenos said...

Try and mis-announce your hand at every opportunity