Thursday, September 30, 2010


OMG - I was off this week and we took the little one away but it was mega hard work and basically spent one day in doors. The one thing I learned on this day was that if I ever get the bullet at work and turn poker pro then all I need to do is get sky out. I think with just daytime tv then I would do a minimum of 10 hours graft per day as it is truly horrendous - since many of you who read this are full time poker then here is my take on your average day ;)

Wake up - watch 2 hopeless presenters on a fortune who were hopeless when on another side. Turn onto the Wright stuff for some clown talk shit for next 90 minutes or so. Then we can see if we can sell our 25p item that is 8 years old for 28P - who gives a hoot. Next we can get someone who we don't like to do up our house in a style we don't like and pretend we do. Small respite for a sarnie and maybe 15 minutes decent news bulletin.

Next up - about 5 women talking crap about crap, followed by some other 112 year old trying to sell a watch for £3.50 that they bought on a £4 bus journey some 2 hours earlier for £3 and claim they have made 50p. Speaking of bus journeys, we can watch a program about who gets evicted off a bus - FFS who pays for this crap. Countdown still almost watchable inbetween.

Next time I am off - I am pretty sure I will get more from CBeebies. At least Ryder cup from 7am tomorrow :D

Thats all folks

do do dododo dodo d odod dododdod dooooooooooo doo doooo

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