Monday, January 31, 2011


Multi 200
NL 5100
PLO -1800
STT 110

Well pleased with above as was in 1400 hole on Thur night for month and i never played higher than 3Eur 6Eur NL to get out of it and basically destroyed 2 4 for 1000s.

However, mega disappointed with my play below in last nights multi (don't get to play many) when i was in a decent box seat.

Today looks like seeing 35Mill deal and bye to Carroll and I have 4 points on this.

1) Good deal for toon.
2) Why do clubs give the cartoon of asking them to ask for transfer as if they were not going to sell.
3) Mr Aspers will have a hard on.
4) Why would we need a replacement when we have the magic man Shoila :D

1 comment:

Brenos said...

Wow wpwp, you must have totally stomped it the last week or so :-)