Sunday, March 13, 2011

JUST "WON" AN IPAD (updated)

I had a couple of free rolls tonight and in both had a 1 in 7 chance of winning an ipad.

To be honest I thought I was about evens to win one and did so in the 2nd game, although I got a 2 outer suck out on the way :)

Reason I say "won" though is played cash games on the side and had a total mare today, in reality I think I could have bought 3 ipads if never played !!!!

However it is something I fancied although would never pay £500+ for it, I seen IPAD2 out next week so I am already old fashioned !!!

Taking a week off poker this week Mon -Fri as am off work and just going to do stuff with the Mrs and the little one. Had a work do last night which was good crack and had a good few bevvies but got home before 530am this time knowing i had some parenting duties today!!!

Month has been quite a few false starts thus far, however am in decent profit and have a new gadget on the way. I am hoping to get an I phone via poker points in poker shop in next 6-8 weeks or so also so will be back down with the kids technology wise ;)


Nice touch from raketherake - wrote to me and said if prepared to mate month then will send ipad2 instead.

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