Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Just seen Haye v Harrison for 1st time - round 1 total punches landed 0. Harrison total punches landed in fight 1 - worst fight of all time - NAP - some people paid £20 to watch that LOL


Watched my first matches in 3D at weekend and it is absolutely awesome and 50 times better than when seen it at boozer.


Ticket applications are open now till end of April so get your applications in. I applied for every day for athletics tickets taking assumption it would be miles over subscribed - I also applied for tennis and cycling finals tickets. I asked the Mrs if she wanted to see anything and it was Equestrian and thought they wont be oversubscribed so I applied for a few randoms (BMX / Basketball / Table Tennis) around same date.

Anyway before I bore you - purpose of story is that to increase chance of getting ticket you can put a price range in and i did this on all (athletics obviously mega expensive). It works out your bill on assumption you get every ticket you apply for at the top price (which statistically is never going to happen). Anyway I sent my application to the Mrs just to show had included equestrian and she almost feints when she see £4500 cost of total ticket applications !!!!

I have a feeling of my £4500 application my bill might be whatever 2 equestrian tickets and a child are - however she has got me worried in case by some freak i landed a load !!!


Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat as you. Potentially having spent 3.5k. Some good value though. As you said the Haye fight was £20 to watch on the tv. For £100 you can watch five finals live.


Salina said...

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