Friday, May 25, 2007


Ok just back from a great Vegas vacation with 2 of my work mates Az and Ben.I will split review into 2 parts - 1 for poker and 1 for other stuff - since its a poker blog I will start with poker.

All in all I didn't really give it a big go with my biggest buy in was just a $170 event at the Hilton. Not sure why as I intended to play 1 big buy in but in the end never. They were some great tournaments in fantastic poker rooms like Ceasers and Venettian at around the $150 mark with good structures. However in other hotels such as Imperial Palace where I stayed the tourneys were all crap shoots.

I probably played 8 multis all together and was disappointed to only cash once. Fortunately the 1 cash was winning a multi at Harrahs ( 90$ entry ) so this covered the other buy ins that I had. I made a huge call with 6 left in this with 44 on a board of 6678 when I was sure opponent had AK when pushed - they never they had Ace 9 but it held up. I then had a huge chip lead and cruised home. However, the rest of the games were disappointing and I was twice 1st out. Once when some coco called up with up and down straight draw for all chips and hit and once when I limped with AK and board came AKJ but I ran into KK.

I also played 1 single table game at MGM for 60$ and won that however I was very disappointed that they take 100$ of the 600$ for the house this would be half this online but I guess you dont get free beer then. I was disappointed with my cash game and I think this needs a lot of work which I already knew. I only played 1 2 NL and won 500 in 1st 2 sessions but probably lost this back over the next 3 sessions where I got shat after shat and made a few bad plays.

We played poker in Ceasers, Venettian, Imperial Palace, Sahara, MGM, Luxor, Excalibur, Harrahs and Tropicano. My friend Ben got the luxury of a final table at Ceasers where they get moved to a table that has tv and everything but he went out 1st hand at fin tab. Az never cashed in a multi and did not do the default of talking the ride on top of the stratosphere - I will remind him next time.

Some good tourneys for anyone going soon who likes MTT.

Harrahs daily 90-100$ 11am 3pm 1130pm
Cesasers noon 7pm and 11pm all good structures 70$-200$
Venettian noon and 8pm - never played this but looked great.
Sahara $40 + 20$ rebuy with over 100 runners and good structure 7pm.

My favourite poker room was the Venettian only let down by waitress service which was infrequent. MGM and Ceasers were also very large and very nice. Imperial Palace was probably the best to play cash as had some bad players but I also think MGM / Venttian etc all had there share ( probably including me).

Cash game help needed any volunteers apply below !!!!!?

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