Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi all

Back from a long hard week - so knackered with a weeks really hard work and no poker - I was up on pc till 1am and 2am but doing e mail and work rather than poker :( !!!!

Anyway so 1st games of month today - I got 750 quid rakeback and had lost that in 1 day by 10pm - not good.

However my multi form continued I was 2d in the 6k GTD for 1800$ - I made a poor call heads up though - but I have just won the eyes wide shut 5k GTD 100 runner tourny for the first time. I absolutely destroyed the final table and got to heads up with a 140k 30k chiplead. I did get a nice piece of fortune about midway through when my ace 9 sooted was all in v KK but a nive flop of aa9 save me. At final table I got a bad beat but quickly recoverd the lead and in the end a runaway victory - some nice mtt leaderboard points but since Im in Vegas this month this will be of no use but the 1800$ prize will be :)

On a sour note went to see the shower of shite that is Newcastle United today - delighted its the last game of the season because they are total crap and the matches are shit boring. Big changes need to happen in the summer and I really hope we get Big Sam to kick some of the reputations up the arse - a huge clearout is needed starting with the manager and then many of the players should be pedalled also. No doubt I will buy my ticket for next year but will have to think about it as I have not seen a home goal since Jan which is a joke.

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In the other corner here in that i dont want Big Sam.