Monday, April 30, 2007


NL 1585
6 pak 4810
Bonus 275
Fixed Limit-1560
Heads Up-580
Multi 3779
Rake 1104
also passport stamp 1500

Wow - huge month - my best ever poker month. Multi form has been superb especially when 30ish starters in the big money 6 paks. However, 5 final tables in 16k and a passport stamp win have shown my form is good with more players also. However, my return to form in STT's has been the biggest factor - however I have unplaced 6 in a row at end of month to finish outside cash positions in leaderboards.


1) Passport win
2) Multi wins
3) 2nd in 16k
4) NL cash is improving
5) Going above year target profit figure of 12k.


1) My beat in 16k heads up when 70 30.
2) Another massive losing month on FL - think Im gone at that game.
3) failing to finish in money position on leader board.

Im really loving betfair poker now and spending 80% there over interpoker - detachable tables have happened today and all looks well.

My job is mega busy at the moment and I will be away all this week - you think I can charge graft 2k for loss of earnings ;) LOL .

3 weeks till Vegas and have a decent roll to go with - have to see if I dare make some of the moves I do online in a live environment.

More next weekend


Anonymous said...

Superb month - wd - keep it up


Posh said...

that is a fantastic effort mate. superb.