Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Made final table for all of 5 seconds - yet another final table in 16k yet another shite 6th to 9th.

10 left and was dealt JJ in BB when 6th overall. A pretty loose player raised early and i decided i was reraising his 4k to 12k all in which meant he could put his hand down or i hoped would be racing. However I went out and it went to final table just before I reraised and ran my jacks into queeens which filled up for a full house.

I think thats 6 final tables in 16k this month but 5 finished 5th to 9th so missing the big cash.

What i learned during the game tonight :-

1) Rooney is mint !!!
2) Artic Monkeys 2nd album not as good as 1st at 1st listen.
3) That Grazza's run it twice program works on betfair.

This is a great tool for analysing your play I have heard but haven't used it yet. IT basically uses hand historys to reshow you hands etc.

Check it out at www.runittwice.com

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