Thursday, April 26, 2007

4.5k GTD WIN

I just won the 4.5k gtd small multi on betfair for 2000$. Was short around bubble time but picked up 1010 that held up v lower pair and then played pretty good till heads up.

At start of heads up I was a big dog I think he had 2.5 - 1 chip lead however I won every single hand heads up - I think a total of 8. To be honest I either had good preflop hand or got some of the flop each time so pretty much played itself.

However I made a good read on final hand where I had top pair with a mid kicker ( also giving me straight draw) - I just thought he was frustrated and that he would re raise if hit anything. In the end I decided my jack top pair was good with insurance of straight draw and possible two pair and trips if not.

Hes how the hand played out - for 1 sec i was cursing the 2 pair until i realised the chips were coming my way !!!

Also backed Joe Cole 1st goal tonight at 14s and my nap won on the gee gee's at 15.5 so a very very good day.

Just clouded by me going out 1st hand in the 5k chasing a miracle straight !!!

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