Monday, April 02, 2007


Really feel I am playing well at the moment and have started the month really well in contrast to the last 2 months when I started poor.

I have gone back to playing mainly 6 paks and h up games and have been doing well.

At one point tonight I had won 8 in a row ( 5 heads up and 3 6 paks). However amongst that I get a horrid beat in the 3k gtd multi that pays the first 3 big prizes. 5 left and small stack pushes all in - next guy doubles bet and I look at Ace Jack - I think the double bet is weak so I go all in and jam the pot and get a call from the weak raiser who I have read perfect as he has K J. This hand is for 11k and a big chip lead (winner gets 1600$ 3rd 650$). Other guy shows Ace 5 so I'm in real good nick especially on Jack 10 2 flop but a king on the river and its the end.

Despite that been big cash I cant twist as I have hit some beauties in 6 paks tonight and feel my luck is back in. I have just qualified for 25$ into the 4.5k gtd turbo that I won a few days ago that starts in 30 mins and is usually 160$ buy in.

Lets hope the run continues.....

A much happier SOAP :) :) :)

PS - Check out Azimuts blog on the right of mine that I have just linked - looks very promising with some good stories.

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