Monday, April 09, 2007


Decided that I was too tired tonight and would not play in the 16k.

Hence entered a small runner turbo multi instead. The structure of these are that they only run for an hour or so luck is a big factor. However I really like them as they are 6 pak and I always feel 6 paks suit my game better and I have played hundreds of thousands of fixed limit hands at 6 pak.

Anyway I have just won this 3k gtd event and took down the 1650$ prize. Basically I got chips in some great dominating positions that held up and was chip leader with 5 left. I then got lucky when my Q 7 beat the short stacks AK. Another played eliminated shortly after giving me the chip lead but then I lost a race and went back to 3rd. However, I rerasied a raiser all in with 88 which hit 8 on flop v Ace Jack. I got lucky one hand heads up when my all in with Ace 4 was called by Ace Jack but this was a split pot. Then I got 1010 and was reraised all in and this held up v K9.

Nice result :)


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Nice one, very well done!