Monday, April 09, 2007

16K part 3

Made final table for 3rd time in a row in the 16k but this time it was not to be.

1st error I folded 66 to a possy 1 limper who had a massive stack and then flop came with 6 in it. Then i got to 5th of 7 but a button steal with K 7 went wrong when Sb had aq and I was priced to call.

I was then last of 7th and had 13k with blinds 2k 4k coming to me within 4 hands.

I pushed with 8 9 and got to the BB who hesitated forever and then called with Q 3 - Im very disappointed he called here obviously (maybe I have pushed with crap before against him). Flop of 3 5 6 gave me 10 outs twice so not too bad shape but I didn't improve and was out in 7th for 580$.

Bit disappointed on ft - few errors / poor timings but 3 final tables in a row is an achievement I am proud of in the 16k - 9th 2nd 7th.

I came 4th in the passport stamp also and mad at myself when I called an all in with AK to a huge re raise preflop - I was racing at best in hindsight and he showed KK and no ace came which would have given me the chip lead.

Will play the eyes wide shut then will focus on Janes Delights debut tomorrow !!!

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