Sunday, April 22, 2007

6k gtd and 4.5k gtd places

Came 2nd and 3rs in these today but mega disappointed in 6k as was 1st with 3 left and finished 3rd including a poor push under pair v over pair to go out. ( 700 total profit from the above 2 games but 6k gtd has 1600 for winner )

Also came 8th in the 16k last night again exit hand under v over pair where i hit trips on river but it gave him a flush and I was out/ played 2 other multis where i came nowhere.

In the top 10 n both the high and medium stakes leader boards on betfair but not in the money on any of them so would love a good run on stt's this week.

Still great month overall.

Looks like title race is wide open again and off to see if the Geordies can influence it tomorrow ) HA HA ) - I'm on Drogba 5-1 1st notch and a 25-1 scorecast with 2 nil v our rubbish. Hopefully will be a bit of atmosphere at the match lets see how long that lasts.

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