Sunday, April 29, 2007


A lot of turnover not much impact.

Casino -990
Cricket -260
Darts 320
Motor Racing 325
Football 650
Golf 110
Horses 134
Snooker -365


Essiens goal in the last minute when I had a spreadbet on his goal minutes @4 and won 500 quid. Also some very nice horse bets with 4 double price winners.


Too many gos at online casino influenced by last months few sessions - wont be losing 1k again in any month as pissed off this has offset my winnings.

Also a large bet on goal minutes for Shevchenko that I would not have placed if hadnt just had big spread win which is poor discipline.


The 1000 and 2000 Guineas that have some ante post bets but none of the looking great - Dutch art / Strategic Prince and Arch Swing would be my big winners if any came in.

A few formula 1 races which I hope to trade in running as this has been easy money.

Snooker - I have started crap this year when usually I do well - lets hope it gets better.

Will post poker P+L tomorrow.

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