Friday, April 20, 2007


Sorry have been mega busy hence lack of updates.

Poker wise till a week ago I was on one of my best months ever but dropped 1.5k from the month high since then. I am currently 5th on high stakes leader board on betfair and my aim for month is to get top 3 to qualify for the 30 player 6k free roll - however this will be difficult.

Sports wise had a great result when I bought Essien goal minutes before he notched in the last minute but I have donked that away since with some daft spread bets.

I have been trying to spend the 3k passport stamp but you will not believe how bad the betfair customer service has been - I'm on about my 5th mail and call and today I got the stupidest mail ever from them. I asked for cash instead but they turned this down yet they cant organise anything. This is disappointing as I think betfair poker has the best set up for mtt and stt on the net and they let themsleves down time after time on customer service. I think they are only interested in the VIP guys to be honest.

Janes Delight was entered at Thirsk on Saturday but i don't think she will run which is a shame as Thirsk ain't too far so would have been decent day out. Looks like garden needs doing instead :( Then have to go and watch Newcastle on Sunday v Chelsea so hope they pull fingers out as have been shite to watch of late.

GL at tables boys and girls

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