Friday, April 16, 2010


Took week off from poker (see below posts) and came back tonight when wanted a game as work had been one of them days.

Played 2 low stakes multis back on Betfair and was 3rd in the 190 odd runner 12K$ gtd for about £900 which quarters the deficit for the month.

Lost a race with 3 left with 88 v KQ that was probably for the tourney with first shipping 3200$ but cant twist as sucked out earlier for stacks (had him covered). Cannot wait for the final whistle at work tomorrow and may have beers / takeaway / multi Friday.


Brenos said...

Wp and gl, I'm sure the weekend will put you well on the road to recovery :-)

donnie said...

keep updated on the return. a little break often does the world of good.