Friday, April 23, 2010


Forgot when i posted below that FTOPS starts tomorrow.

Hence in order not to impact profit number I am going to unreg from the main event (2100$ ticket) and spread some buy ins across weekend events - if i dont cash then profit number stays the same as never counted this ticket in winnings / losses.

DAY 1 events for me and 25% of roll in play.

Event #1
April 23rd
14:00 ET
TBA $200 + $16
NL Hold 'em $750,000 View Current Satellites
Event #2

April 23rd
18:00 ET
Michael Tureniec $310 + $12
NL Hold 'em
Super Turbo 6max $300,000 View Current Satellites

1 comment:

donnie said...

good shout to spread out your buy-ins- definitely spread your risk out more/limit it.