Sunday, April 11, 2010


I don't mind making mistakes in all walks of life, I think you need to make them and then learn from them.

Hence, I am most disappointed that I just made a repeat error at poker and again have blown my roll. I had a huge shafting the last 2 days to tune of £4K most through bad luck as EV was positive in the same stage. However, I cocked up moving some of my poker funds to ISA when in reality I do not have enough buy ins to do this especially when playing a bit of PLO - I have done thus before so most disappointed.

Hence couple of options.

1) Just take a break from the game for a few weeks and hope a couple of my big footy bets land to get me funds, both looking promising (Toon to win league and Hull to go down).

2) Unregister from FTOPs 2000$ event i had qualified for and sell T$ at 95% to generate cash.

3) Just reduce play and stick to a few multis overall.

Will decide today but have a couple ofturnies I have pre regged for tonight so last role of dice but in big hole for month and everything has gone bad since that KK v TT hand in Irish open.

Was out last night and drinks were some combo of white wine / pink champagne / some little green shots / pints of larger etc etc - very very messy and lost my mates late on. Also got sent back to me some texts I sent last night that all make no sense and I was obviously in cloud cuckoo land. Anyway hungover and the 50 yard walk to shop to get paper has been beyond me thus far.

Another 4 notches at SJP - toon toon :D

Also woke up to a facebook status from midnightish of you got the love, you got the looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL

Could be worse right ? ;)AMATAY

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