Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Saturday - Headed down to London for weekend with the boys - after 1.5 hr train delay had a decent night out with a couple of pubs / clubs with live music and beer / vodkas.

LOL headed out for match on Sunday 5 - 1 awesome - watched it in Baker Steet - London before heading on to next event.
Shoila - Get in the net son.
SummerTime - W - end equals end of BST - time now is 5 past Sunderland :)
Shit then Good Headed to Wembly for the NFL - 1st half crap, last quarter awesome - first time at new Wembley - very impressive.
Staking Came back home to see some guy I had a small % in on 2+2 had shipped a chop 3 way in EPT side event so 2000$ for me.
Start of challenge - Have tryed his last 2 months and got quite close. Challenge is to turn micky mouse rakeback into 100*rakeback then withdraw. So far £35 into £450, however its £3500 or bust moving up stakes fast (got to 1K last month from 40 before busting)
Spurs - I hate them with a passion. Layed Man U at weekend and they play like Burton Albion then back Inter last night and they play like Real Madrid.


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BH said...

Got to love he mighty yids for our consistent inconsistency!!!

Champions League holders OUT!