Monday, December 06, 2010


I am pretty gutted at events at St James Park today and the sacking of Chris Hughton.

To be honest I was not a member of the anti Ashley crew despite a few PR / appointment blunders and had thought behind the scenes they had done some great stuff - key elements below.

1) Sensible contracts / wages on all new signings.
2) Get rid of a lot of high earners.
3) Kept much lower profile with press - saying nothing which given previous years was by far their most effective form of communication.
4) Lowered some of the ridiculous expectations of the fans and started to rebuild.

However, in my opinion they have ripped it all up by destroying number 4 today. We will now have the press circus, anti Ashley demonstrations and some "representatives" of the North East who have all day on their hands to stand round the ground and be our "representative" voice to Sky Sports etc, which once again will result in us becoming the laughing stock of the country.

Someone is probably lined up already however I would not be surprised if we get 0 points this side of xmas now with all the unrest. While we were inconsistent under Chris we certainly had as many points as anyone could have hoped for at this part of the season.

Ultimately, and most hurtful is his contract was up at the end of the year so they could have honoured that and just found someone new in the summer. Maybe they are now prepared to put some big money in or something and decided he wasn't the man but in my opinion he had done pretty well in the transfer market.

Lastly, Thank You to Chris Hughton and I hope you have success in whatever you do next (as long as it is not managing the Mackems!!)


rubbish said...

Pretty bad way to treat him. Thought he had done okay as well.

Wildcat said...

Utterly ridiculous decision to get rid of him, as if anyone else could have reallistically got more points from this season so far.

So what do you think of Alan Pardew, who looks like he could be the one?

Anonymous said...

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