Sunday, June 17, 2007

16k and 11k and chuffing AK

Was 1st and 2nd in 16k and 11k with 30 left.

Came 4th in 16k and absolutely gutted between bad luck and bad play - worst I should have got was 2nd and an extra 2000$ minimum and it was my fault.


With 4 left I took on the small stack 8 times and lost all 8 cant believe it that he wasnt gone - 10 8 v 10 7 last time and he rivers a 7.

However still me 120 k 2nd 100k 3rd 35k 4th 25k when I make bad play.

Big stack makes big raise from SB and I am on BB he raises to 35k and i push 120k all in with AK suited which in hindsight I wish i flat called - he calls with QQ and I miss and I am back to 4th. Of course I go out 1st hand with 4 left unlike guy who sucked out 10 times.

However prizes are 4.5k 3,2k 2k and 1.2k$ and totally my fault for costing myself 2k$ minimal - really annoyed.

I then cock up the 11k also and bomb out 12th when 6th of 12 left when I push and get called for 7 bb's by 22 ???? - he hits 2 and im gone.

Bit over 1k$ up but totally annoyed with myself :(

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Wildcat said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, he's likely to raise with a lot worse than that there. Nothing wrong with your play at all imo, win that coin flip (which is the worst position you're likely to be in - you could easily have a dominating hand) and you're 95% certain to win, you gotta take a chance sometimes.