Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just want to wish the betfair forumites who have qualified or paying into WSOP events the best of luck in Vegas. Quite a few have qualified from the forum now and I am very jealous - I was in a good position the other night to get to final qualify stage but ran jacks into aces then hit a jack on flop but the ace came to kill me.

Special good luck wish to Azimut who seems to have grafted his knackers off to qualify via the rake deal on betfair - I have a funny feeling that someone from forum is going to do something big in one of the WSOP events.

On that note a big well done to Shaaboom on his 3rd in the Irish Poker Classic last weekend - not bad return for an £80 qualifyer.


Highstack said...

Hi soap

Sorry about getting ratty last night mate. I was feeling good and felt I would win that six shooter. In the cold light of day, the call wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. I was surprised that you would call knowing it was a gamble, but I guess that it was time for gambling with our stack levels.

I think it just hurt more because $530 is an expensive buy in game for me.

To make things worse, I went and tilted some away on the exchange games, when I should have got up and walked about to re-evaluate.

Good luck and congrats on second.


Poker play the Soap way said...

Hey dont worry about it Highstacks I would prob been slashed off also. If you hadnt told me it was you I might not have called ;).

However exactly as you said we were near the bottom and I needed a double up and thought I woulnt be far off 50 50 ( think it was 47 53) so went for it.