Friday, June 22, 2007


Entered the 6k gtd 6 shooter tonight which is a high buy in 500$ but is in 6 pak format and I really like it - tryed to qualify via sat and didnt then decided to buy in at last minute as only 9 players hence 1.5k$ value.

Anyway I make a good call with ace high v Enigma with 4 left which holds up v his small stack 2 face cards to guarenteee at least 3rd of 1200$. Then with 3 left Skivvy sucks out on me on 2 big pots - 1 when he needed ace and hit it on riv next time i have k2 and catch him with aa on a k72 flop and they go in but he hits a 7 on turn. Anyway in the end i get him when KK holds up v A ten. I was a bit twisty after the K2 beat as that was 3 times in a row he had sucked out but shouldnt have been :(.

Anyway heads up lasted for ages and was a total roller coaster. I had chip lead and got them in on turn when I had 9 4 on q94 2 board and thought it was in bag till he showed QQ. I then sucked out on him when my ace 8 beat his ace k which would have won him game. Then I had AJ v KQ for game but he hit 2 pair and took lead again. I then pushed with a range of hands to get back to equal.

I then picked up qq and he called raise and flop q43 was v nice - chips went in as he had q ten and I was chip leader again. Final hand ak held up with q 9 suited and I took the 3000$ prize.

Played a few other games tonight and did pap so this was very welcome. Need to work on not twisting when I get a badbeat though as my opponant heads up did not react when i sucked out which is my desire - I will work on this.

Hopefully I can avoid poker Fri Sat as out on lash at leaving do Friday then its the work footy world cup at weekend with a big night out in town. I usually make plenty on Fri Sat v the drunks so need to make sure I am not a giver this weekend !!!

Finally hopefully BA get my chuffing bags to me that went missing on my flight to Germany on Tue and I still dont have them !

Good luck at tables

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