Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just blew my big chance. Went to Teeside for the £500 event and it is without doubt the worst standard table I have ever sat at for a decnt buy in. Spent the 1st hour setting up an image which worked a treat when I had to showdown some crap hands like 7 4 and 8 9 and 9 5.

However from that point onwards everything went wrong. I made bad decision after bad decision and kep going below starting point. I couldnt get action on the big hands and in general i was getting more and more pissed off with how bad the dealer was and how slow the playerswere. I genuinly think in an 1 hr level we got 20 hands max. They think like 5mins preflop then fold - was pishing me off.

Anyway exit hand is just embarrassing - was done to 6k at 200 400. Someone had raised to 1200 and I shove for 6K with Q6 and after an age they call with 88 saying lets gamble.

Useless performance by soap and I am sure I will check the final positions tomorrow and be very annoyed when someone very bad from my table cashes high.

There was genuinely only one person who could play at the table and the most embarrassing thing of the lot is that I probably looked like the biggest donk.

Massive confidence blow a few weeks before CPC and a complete waste of £500 for one of the most incompetent performances you will ever see.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh u luv it u addict just get wankered like i did last 2 nights

TEAMDOBB said...

soon as I tip ya you put the donkeys head on ya feker!!!