Monday, October 06, 2008


Best I played for years tonight and getting KK that held up about 5 times helps.

Have to travel next few days will do proper write up on Wed as pretty proud of this result which completes my grand slam on Betfair (Won all major tournies and qualified for live event)

Key hand heads up when he has chip lead is I call a raise from BB with K8 flop 864 and I bet out and he jams all in. The only hand I can put him on to jam is a flush draw so I call a massive bet and he has 9 7 (so slightly better odds for me) turn 4 river 4 giving me the house and about £9.6k.
Other key hand is around Bubble where i shoved with Q9 sooted and got called by another small stack with 99 but Q to rescue and then KK next hand for treble up !!



Brenos said...

Congrats, great work :-)

Also, awesome £/$ time to win it :-))))

TEAMDOBB said...

quality mate and brilliant result weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ship the fkr NPF again inot hall of fame weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Good skills mate - glad to see sensey is back on the big money train.

Get that sabbatical booked in now...

Amatay said...

Fucking awesome result. Fairplay m8, well done

Wildcat said...

Excellent stuff, really well done :)

Keep it away from sports betting ;)