Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Going to play live this weekend and my 1st bash at the GCBPT main event.

Its closeish to home in Stockton which is an hour max away. Its £550 buy in and looks like a sell out. Really good structure and I play day 1B which is Sat and hopefully all day Sun.

I am hoping this is my first major tourney cash in the UK after going close to the money in the last 2 GUKPT events - but more decent experience regardless.

Huge thank you to Teamdobbs for getting me in.

* Damn just busted in a 1 seat only qualifier for a 14k$ package to the Caribbean Adventure on stars to go chip leader with 12 left. Me AA v JJ and flop comes QQJ.

1 comment:

TEAMDOBB said...

good luck in main event mate, wished Id just played that instead of the other 2.
plenty NPF there