Monday, July 06, 2009


Disappointing field of 98 runners tonight meaning it was 15K added and also that 9 get paid instead of 18 which changed the dynamics of the game somewhat from 20 down.

Anyway I was about 12 of 18 when decided was not going to pussyfoot about like I did last week to ensure I got to the final table and played much more aggro this week. I picked up quite a few pots and luckboxed 1 pot with 3 outs just for Brennan.

Anyway this is now an in running thread - 5 left and I am 4th - chipleader is miles clear but the rest of us are pretty equal stacks. Prizes are as per below in $.

1st 20K
2nd 13K
3rd 8K
4th 6.5K
5th 5K

Gl me !!!!


Now 5th of 5

UPDATE 2 5 hr 20 BREAK

blinds 2.5k 5K ante 500

1st 225K chips
2nd 80K (just gos all in all the time so he is who i want to go to war with)
3rd 64K
4th ME 60K
5th 57K

Game plan doucble up v guy in 2nd to my left - just need a hand v him !!!! - happy to go for it though only 3k diff between 5th and 3rd so have to.


Now 3 of 3 just had AA hold v AT of small stack.


Was heads up with big chip lead and have blown it now behind - river below probably cost me the tourney - still in but need to come from behind now.

Had hand where i had set and he had top pair that paired the river and i just flatted his bet which was abit sick although had 2 good beats myself so cant complain.


Break 6 he has chip lead now 255 v 234 - I have basically been as good as 400 80 so will be annoyed if chuck this away - basically all in fest now as blinds huge.


We have a winner (and a luckbox) - Just for Brennan I get it in with a check raise on Q73 flop with q9 suited versus Q3 :( 9 turn :) but has has flush redraw that missed. He pwned me heads up and was very unlucky (RalphAA).


Brenos said...


Congrats wd matey :-)

Small Stakes Poker said...

wd wd :)

Punterz said...

Very well done, enjoy! Now stop losing on bets like me!

TEAMDOBB said...

must be the latter 1/2 of the year you come shining through again!!!

nice result

BH said...

good skills mate - time to go pro :-)

rubbish said...

Top bombing Soap

Wildcat said...

Congrats, super result!