Sunday, July 12, 2009


Played 3 not good.

WSOPE qualifyer 510$ 2 seats gtd - started really well and got decent stack. Then lost a flip but was still well in it - then raised from OP with KK and someone shoves over the top for 8K (raise was 600 lol) - obvious they dont have strong hand so i snap called and they have AQ off suit and when K flops it looks good till J on river fills his straight. Lose another flip when low and gone about 30th.

30K gtd never really got anywhere and lost a flip.

Freeroll - only one I am doing decent in but really slow structure and now other games over will just gamble like a mentalist as only 1 prize from 108 starters - I am 4 of 40 and bored shitless. !!

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