Tuesday, July 07, 2009


OMG I am about to die !!!

Never been partuclarly fit apart from a 2 year spell about 7 yrs ago when i was hammering the gym pre poker while my Mrs was revising for exams - however did my back in and basically put me out of doing anything for a year which I have continued for about 6 more !!! bar the odd 5 a side game.

Anyway was talking to one of mates on Fri from work who 2 nights a week takes a class in a local park which is basically circuit training and he he talked me into trying it - my Mrs is as unfit as me but doesnt look it and she came along also. Basically I had to sit out for 5 mins after about 30 minutes as thought i was going to collapse then struggled through the last 20 mins probably doing half of what i was meant to.

Session was superbly well run for anyone who has any degree of fitness, but for the likes of me who have been on arse for 7 years it was a very very hard place to start - need to stop this post now as arms hurt !!!!!!

Have a feeling I will not be able to walk come morning !!!

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Brenos said...

HAHAHA hows the knee?