Friday, February 02, 2007


4 figures down for Feb within 2 days :( :( :( not good.

I have being playing no limit cash and either missing draws / getting outdrawn or having monster v bigger monster.

Perfect example tonight I raised per flop with J 10 Dis and have 400 in front of me and slightly more than the guy I get involved in the pot with.

Flop comes K Q 8 with 2 dis a nice flop and a pot bet is called. Flop comes 7 di making me a flush what looks like a great card - anyway I bet he raises and I reraise - river is a blank and he shows A 9 dis to take 700 and something pot.

Rakeback due should get me back to evens but not going well.

Im going to give cash a break and play the 11k on betfair now.

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