Sunday, February 18, 2007


Hi all

Back after a week away with work at Manilla. Got back late last night then was wide awake at 330am due to time difference so got up and thought must be able to get a good game on a Yankee site.

I read Vic Chandler has big customer appeciation week this week with some good events so played there for 1st time for ages. I was at break even for month before game so not to good. I played limit for an hr and won $300 or so.

Then I saw a 400$ Multi was starting which is usually above my level but thought would give it a go. It was rebuy / top up with 20 players so I gave it a go but was not going to rebuy or top up.

I played really well and got to 2nd when final table started and didnt top up. After a few top up prizes were

1st 5.7k$
2nd 2.8k$
3rd 1.9k$
4th 1.4k$

Anyway i get to 5 left with 1 bigger stack 18k then 3 of us around 11k and a gut on 6-7k. I really dont want to bubble here. However I played aggressive and picked up pots uncontested to almost take lead. Then Im dealt AK and push a huge raise in and get called by the low stack all in.

14k pot me AK v him AQ and he makes straight on river - a huge kick in the teeth. I go from looking fav for 5.7k to fav for bubble and nothing. Anyway fortunately there was a race in next hand not involving me and the low stack went out. I was then v low and raised with ace jack and got re raised all in and was priced in to call even if v AA - I called he had AQ and it held up.

Pleased to make cash in end but gutted at the AK v AQ beat - I would have loved trying to bully with the big stack towards what would have been about my biggest win.

In the end a poor player who had loads of good luck won so I'm quite gutted

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