Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Satellites running for this on betfair now but $500 entry.

Hence I just played and won a 70$ multi to qualify for the above satellite and won a seat into this event. There is 1 EPT package for every 30 entries in Sundays final so this is probably my last and best chance of winning a seat. However Im supposed to be going to see ASH on Sunday so may have to do a deal with some1 to play for me but yet to decide as would be exciting.

Also played the 15k - all in early doors to treble up for chip lead me 89 called 4* bb raise with 4 callers flop 895 i check.

someone bets 250 and someone raises to 1k - pretty sure Im winning so push 2.5k all in and get 2 callers then doubt I am in front. One has QQ and one K6 (mental ) - hence looking good just need to miss 7 and 2 remaining Q's for early chip lead - river Q - OUT - GRRRRRRRRRR

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