Sunday, February 04, 2007


Played 3 $215 dollar 6 paks last night on betair - and got most the 1st buy in from a NL sesh.

My mate Carl was watching me from the rail !!! and I want to hire him to watch me again as he was a lucky charm.

1st game cruise to heads up and have 2:1 chip lead when my ace 8 beats a 99.

2nd game - a few drunks on table that I identified early and maxed plays versus them. I cruise to large chip lead and then call an all in bet - I have ten ten v ace ten so totally dominating the guy - however flop comes an ace and Im in the process of typing to Carl how pished off I am in MSN when the one remaining ten comes on the river :) - I was 70 30 to win hand so justice.

3rd game I get a good beat with 3 left with large chip lead when I had 1 pair v 2 pair and the board hits me one of ten outs - then at heads up I have massive chip lead and reraise other guy all in with 22 - he calls with K J and hits a K on flop - by the river there are 4 clubs on board so I need a club for a split pot - instead I get the non club 2 to take the pot :).

I then won a heads up game and yesterday basically recovers my bad start to Feb - felt I played v well last night so hopeful for tonight's big games - Im going to ask Carl to watch as new lucky charm !!!!!


One tip from last night - if you identify the drunks - don't do anything flashy v them as they will miss it - for example I had aces flop J 5 2 I bet pot flop and a caller - I just push all in turn when a rag comes as sure he has a jack and feel he will call and he calls with Q J.


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