Wednesday, June 25, 2008


5 ton on Germany at 11-10 just after half time - couldn't believe they would be as bad again 2nd half and strongly believed they just needed to get crosses in to use physical advantage.

They were pants score near end but my lass on pc and i don lay off and chuffing Turkey equalise. Fortunately a late winner so she saved me £150 or so I would have give back :)

I have not been able to walk since Sun night - massive pains in my foot - the doc thinks I have Gout - I thought this only existed in 15th Century !!! - Anyway if it is that its not very nice - awful pain

Gout (also called metabolic arthritis) is a disease created by a buildup of uric acid. In this condition, monosodium urate or uric acid crystals are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues due to elevated concentrations of uric acid in the blood stream. This provokes an inflammatory reaction of these tissues.

Have had to work from home all week as cannot really walk - got some drugs today hopefully they start to do the business

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TEAMDOBB said...

had it last year matey when tried to train for Great North Run.
Goes away after WEEKS (sorry) but cherry juice is good for it.