Thursday, June 05, 2008


OK so I listened to my own post.

I basically slowed right down - played a few freerolls to respect the game again - stop trying to make a quick buck etc (a kind of mini punishment)

I then play NL over last 3 nights and make back the £1500 I had dropped but then see what i consider a fish on 20 40 fixed limit and loose £600 to him so still in a bit of a hole.

However, confirmed my CPC pacakge today so I am definately booked and received the difference between £10K EUR and £10k$ pacakge in my accounts and then also 2k$ of the 10k$ package was cash also - I had not counted these figure previous so they go in the profit column and give me a bit of a roll to play with again.

For any grinders out there - Crapto have loads of freerolls on MPPs into events like CPS sats 40k sats etc.

I just spoke with Brennan on MSN and if i was full time 1 2 NL I would deffo play them.

Basically the 40k costs £120 to enter - I reckon the freeroll is 6 seats gtd with 180 runners so an average player wins 1 in 30 - lets assume you are above average then 1 in 20. This is 20* 50 mpps = £120 entry for every 1000 mpps - good value in my book and hopeful helpful for some readers.

For people who turn noses up at freerolls then I won over 8000$ dollars from them last year


Brenos said...

Thanks for the info mate. Definitely going to play a lot of these given my plan to play FL on crypto. They do seem to offer a decent amount of freebies and satellites, certainly in comparison to Ladbrokes. Their VIP club and offers are a waste of space to everyone but their top 5 rakers. Think I'll send them an email actually!

TEAMDOBB said...

I love that comment " not respecting the game"
Ive read that so many times lately and been very much guilty of it myself. At least some realise it and respond the correct way. Games fucks ya if ya dont!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

how much $ u get for the diff soapy not inc the $2k ? im waiting for ept schedule to decide on mine but prob still likely to do what u have.

Poker play the Soap way said...

about £3k (dont have $ account)

toal inclusing 2k$ was 3968.17GBP